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The invention of telephone drastically changed the way people and businesses communicated globally. Followed by mobile phone, internet and VoIP, suddenly our world had shrunk to a size of our dial pad or mouse clicks. Not only these tools have become an intricate part to our personal life. It also empowers business owners to extend their business beyond what one thought was impossible.

At Connection Portal not only we witnessed these changes but we are part of this progression. Due to our deep tie with the industry, from carrier, technological innovators to component manufacturer, we have the opportunity to be in the group that always ask “What’s next”. Thus gives us the insight to provide the most current IP Telephony and Networking Know-How to the world market where total communication solutions are most demanded.

Regardless of the scope of your communication challenge. Our alliance and consortium with carriers, service providers and vertical industries allow us to provide innovative and synergetic, intelligent and converged solutions.
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